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Efficient Handling of React Alerts with Higher-Order Component (HOC)


How to efficiently handle Alert Messages in React by taking leverage on Functional Composition and HOC

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How to get complete leverage from JavaScript reduce()


Solving Complex Problems with composition of small and reusable functions in JavaScript

How to create Lossless scalable icons in react native


Developing iOS and Android applications by React Native is growing day by day. Stunning UI can be easily achieved by the right combination of images and styled content like icons / texts. SVG is the best available option for rendering

4 Steps to Building a Cloud-Ready Application Architecture


Most experts agree that by the year 2020, nearly 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be based in the cloud. In just the past few years, the number of businesses using cloud-based tools has exploded. If your company is in

How to detect and fix a WordPress redirect malware attack.


Recently our company site, dropped 30% of hits suddenly in a short interval of time. Shows that the site hits dropped around 30-40% After sometime some of the users of our site reported that the site is redirecting them

How to deploy a React application: An in-depth overview


There are a variety of ways to deploy a production ready React application. How to bundle, optimize and deploy a React application has been discussed.

Reselect tutorial: Optimizing React-Redux application


This blog can help in optimizing React Redux application. Reselect is a library which can be used in a React Redux application to optimize performance.

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