Our Process

What clients provide us

1. App Design

We accept designs in Figma, Zeplin, Sketch, Invision and etc.

What we build and deliver

1. Design system written in React

Design system is a collection of reusable components written in React, guided by clear standards like Airbnb, that can be assembled together to build your applications.

2. Backend API tests and documentation on Postman

Our backend developers builds API schema and tests on Postman before the actual API development starts. The frontend development team starts development with no wait, by making use of the mock API server and documentation provided by Postman for our API schema.

3. App developed with React

Based on the design, a complete React app developed with the help of design-system and APIs created above. The code will comply with Airbnb standards.

4. Deployed Website / Mobile App

Cloud hosting is done for websites. Mobile Apps are published to Android / iOS stores.

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