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Intercepting the case battle between snakes and camels in front-end JavaScript


How to efficiently operate on request and response objects with almost zero changes to the container components!

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Simple Table Component with React Hooks


Using react hooks to create a dynamic composable table component that includes sort, pagination that can be easily extended to have filters and more!

Retaining React UI state without localStorage or redux-persist


How History API and Search Params can be combined to persist React UI state across browser reloads

Themeing, Adding a Dark Theme to your React Native app


Learn the easy way to theme your React Native app. This blog post also teaches how to add dark theme to your app.

Things to consider before writing your first React Native app


What you need to know before you write your first production React Native app.

CB React Forms: A React Form Builder

Create forms with an intuitive drag-n-drop interface that supports a number of form fields with built-in validations.

How to get complete leverage from JavaScript reduce()


Solving Complex Problems with composition of small and reusable functions in JavaScript

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