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Parallel processing in Ruby - How it works


Ruby on rails developers explaining how parallel processing works in ruby with code snippets.

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Getting Started with Tmux: Development Tool


Tmux has become an essential development tool for many programmers. Here is a brief tutorial on getting started with Tmux.

Implementing Upsert in Rails: Tutorial


Tutorial on implementing upserts in rails. An upsert is update or insert. Upsert in database terms refers to an operation which should insert a row into a database table if it doesn’t not already exist, or update it if it does.

Observers in Rails: Ruby on Rails Development


Codebrahma explaining about the observers in rails. Observer classes respond to life cycle callbacks to implement trigger-like behavior outside the original class.

Ruby rescue vs try vs ternary | Ruby exception handling

Research and Articles

Codebrahma explaining different types of exception handling in ruby. Comparision between Ruby Rescue vs Try vs ternary.

Optimizing your workflow Git-Bash-101


Codebrahma sharing cool bash scripts to optimize your git workflow. Git workflow for web development

Git Hunks: Stage hunks of code

Research and Articles

Codebrahma explaining Git Hunks, one of the awesome tools in git. Git Hunks, git bisect and git cherrypick.

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