My Experience at the Bangalore Garden City Ruby Conf 2014

Starting off in a predominantly Ruby on Rails consulting firm like Codebrahma, whilst still in college and with no prior ruby experience seemed daunting at first. I spent most of last month getting used to the 'Ruby Way' of doing things. I'm far form mastering ruby, but I'm able to enjoy and appriciate turse and elegant ruby code. "Coding in Ruby makes me happy because it's one of the shortest paths between my brain and a computer", Indeed it is.

An absolute newbie to the ruby world, participating in an event like GCRC'14 filled with giants like Chad Fowler 'out of place' was the opposite of what I was feeling. The ruby world in warm and welcoming. 'The more The merrier' quoting one of the sepakers. The Bangalore garden City Ruby Conference was not aimed to be just a conference and It didn't turn out to be just that. There is nothing more exciting than a group of like minded people coming together and talking about their passion. In that sense, the last couple of days were immensely exciting. I most enjoyed bouncing product ideas off others, critiquing, being critiqued and understanding how different people approached similar problems. I ended up expanding my scope of thought and pushing myself to ponder about things which I wouldn't normally think about, be it because it was too trivial or too complex.

The Dark Side of Ruby

As simple as ruby seems to be, there are times when it behaves in mysterious ways. The dark side of ruby by Gautam Rege did just that. Ruby differs form traditional object oriented languages in certain minute but distinct ways, and a lot of ruby's power is attributed to these subtleties. Gautham pointed out that there is nothing which is too trivial a concept, the more you question the more you can appreciate the beauty of how things work.

Architecting India's Largest Supply Chain System in Ruby

I've always been amazed by how huge systems function. I keep guessing about the internals of such systems. They are black boxes and I could only imagine so much without actually knowing how they are architected. My long time curiosity was adiqutely satisfied by Mr.Yogi Kulkarni's talk on how he and his team architechted and built India's largest e-commerce supply chain in Ruby. Working in a micro-level ruby seems well and good but as the system gets larger, Ruby is left exposed. Nobody understands the GIL is a must read.

Need for polyglot programming

One of the most interesting remarks was Chad Fowler stating that Ruby was the language that he most hated to use. This sentiment echoed through the entire conference as most speakers emphasized the need for polyglot programming. I guess this is true in a way. By being loyal to one language or a particular way of doing something might not always be the best way of doing it. The 'Right' way is often limited to the context of a language and not bound the wider aspects of computer science.

All in all, It was an interesting couple of days. The best conferences are the ones which rekindle your curiosity and GCRC'14 was just that. It gave me some perspective.

Did you attend the bangalore garden city ruby conf? Please share your experiences as comments below

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Nithin Krishna
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Jan 05, 2014
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