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Are you a start up in search of solution for your technology needs. Are you a Local Business trying to start or grow your company's online presence and engagement in your locality ? Read Further.

Technology & Internet have changed the face of how we do Business today and it has added a myriad of ways to solve existing problems and grow existing Businesses. Internet, with the advent of smart phones have changed how Businesses reach consumers and it has almost become a de facto necessity for Businesses to embrace this change and leverage it..

To this date, this trend has been increasing positively and more and more people are venturing into start-ups to solve everyday problems. Local Businesses are actively investing in the web to increase their Brand Value, Community engagement and Revenue. Garage/Bootstrapped/Ventured start ups are rapidly growing in number and are addressing numerous everyday problems that their target consumers face.

On one hand, Local Business,across the globe, are looking for the right technology know-hows/ tools for growing their business and to implement them in a cost-effective way. Start-ups, working in time strapped and rapidly changing business environments, find themselves not able to spend time on the development of their Technology Product. Developing Quality Software that caters perfectly to the problem is a Time & Effort consuming task. Also Startups and Local Business are bound by the amount of money they could spend on Technology and thus extending their ROI Period on online sales and marketing even further.

"If you are facing any of the above difficulties, Then Bangalore is the place for you. Look No Further"

Why you should consider Bangalore for your technology needs

Bangalore saliently addresses the above discussed issues.

Growing Trust:

Trust, like any other human emotion isn't built in a day. Currently the trust is increasing for bangalore based Tech companies due to their novel processes and approaches which are uninfluenced by the business practices of the pre-Internet Era.

A growing ecosystem.

There is a growing ecosystem of local and global indian start ups that are sprouting in bangalore. The reasons to these are good climate(off late its getting extreme) Well connected to other cities and tourist destinations and there is a network of talented people whose reach is literally everywhere

Talent @ reasonable costs.

Bangalore boasts of a huge pool of Software programmers who are billed at reasonable costs and that means you could do more with your existing start up budget.

The Knowledge Powerhouse

Bangalore has been dubbed "India's Silicon Valley" and is home of IT giants such as Google, EMC, Yahoo Inc. , Amazon, SAP, GE and much more. As a result, a consistent volume of organic knowledge Transfer is happening on the know-hows and best practices of Technology & Software Development to the WorkForce Community.

Keep your startup awake for a little more hours everyday.

Take advantage that the city is in a different timezone. Take care of your Tech stuff outside your work hours so you can take care of your business during your work hours.

If you come to Bangalore, you will know that there is a brimming community of technology adopters/enthusiasts who actively engage on and adopt new beta products. Make use of this smartly to validate your idea.

These are few of the reasons why we think Bangalore is the Globe's Startup Habitat

Now its your turn to tell us what you think? Leave your comments below.

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Anand Narayan
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Jan 04, 2014
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