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Using Higher Order Components in a React Application


If you have started using ReactJS recently often you might have felt that you are performing repeated logic in many components. For example consider an app having- Infinite scroll in three different views with all having different data. You want

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Intro to the Art of Creating Successful Products


Creating a successful product is seldom a matter of chance. In this article we discuss what it takes to create products that go on to become a hit.

Chrome Permission Flaw: Extensions Can Remotely Monitor User Activity


Chrome is a popular browser, with a number of extensions. But one flaw in their permission grants extensions access to your webcam without your knowledge.

Implementing Blockchain For Businesses


Blockchain based systems is all the hype nowadays. But do you really need to consider adopting blockchain for your business? Read to find out more.

Why Every Business Should Consider Ecommerce


eCommerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in the recent past. While many businesses have transitioned to ecommerce, many remain resistant. Should you?

Technology Driven Disruption of the Insurance Industry


Insurance companies have a lot to gain from the recent advancements in technology. We take a look at how they can use tech to win their digital customers.

How To Use Immutable.js in a React Redux Application


If you're trying to use Immutable.js with a React Redux application and are having problems, this post can help.

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