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Processing Sequential JavaScript Promises using Functional Composition


How to execute Promise Series using Composable Promises rather than Promise Chaining or Async/Await — When functions can be composed, Promises can be composed too! — Leveraging reduce() and Closure

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Why Components -> State -> setState() in React


A webpage as a collection of React Components and a Component as an implementation of Functionality and UI with State as a medium

How to efficiently operate on large datasets using Transducers in JavaScript


Functional Chaining on Array creates intermediate collections. How to avoid this inefficient scenario by iterating array elements only once!

Intercepting the case battle between snakes and camels in front-end JavaScript


How to efficiently operate on request and response objects with almost zero changes to the container components!

Retaining React UI state without localStorage or redux-persist


How History API and Search Params can be combined to persist React UI state across browser reloads

How to get complete leverage from JavaScript reduce()


Solving Complex Problems with composition of small and reusable functions in JavaScript

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