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We Helped The Rippling Team Build Their Platform's Interface


Brainchild of Zenefits’ founder Parker Conrad, Rippling is a software tool that automates the many small nuances of onboarding and offboarding employees. The launch of the product was nothing short of spectacular – covered by every major tech publication and trending on ProductHunt. Initial response has been great, we can’t wait to see Rippling reach newer heights!



Prasanna Sankaranarayanan, Rippling’s CTO approached us for help with building the products frontend. They specifically wanted to use ReactJS. Thus began our partnership with them where our team of React developers started working on Rippling’s frontend; over a few month’s and the end product is live for everyone to see.



The team couldn’t be happier with the way Rippling turned out! Here’s the CTO recommending us for ReactJS development services.

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