Our Open Source Contributions

Codebrahma dev team regularly contributes to open source. Some of our contributions can be found below. For more, you can checkout our github page.

Serverless Design System

A series of React components that can be reused in different combinations.


React Lite UI

A set of React components. Themable / Customizable / Light weight library.

React Forms

A complete react form builder that interfaces with json data to load and save generated forms.

React Multi Selector

React component for Multi level options Selector for your application

Gatsby Theme Blog

A Gatsby theme for creating a blog.

Network Status Notifier

Simple React component to notify whenever your application status changes from Online to Offline or vice-versa.

Redux Action Watch

Watch/Listen actions dispatched to redux.

React Native Multi Level Selector

React Native component for Multi level options Selector for your application.

React Responsive Multi-level Menu

Simple Customizable multi-level menu component

React Notifications Menu

Customizable React component for Notifications.

React Flexible Sliding Menu

A Simple React library which provides flexible sliding menu with an easy to use API.

React Multi Level Selector

A React library for multi level selector for your application.

CSV to GraphQL

Simple Node.js app which provides graphql APIs for CSV input.

React Stateless Modal

A simple responsive modal library that eliminates the overhead of maintaining state for modal management

React Combo box

A flexible and easy accessible React combo box component

React Searchable Filter

A Searchable and Customizable React Filter component

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