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The latest and best technology for building fast, scalable and Real time applications.

Sky High Performance

Node.js uses the V8 javascript engine developed by google. The V8 engine is extremely fast. If you application does a lot of reading and writing to the internet or the filesystem, Nodejs is the fastest technology out there to build your application

Highly Scalable

Node.js works on a principle called the event loop unlike other tradition web application frameworks and this is what helps make it extremely scalable for realtime apps. So Scale is not something you worry about when you choose NodeJS


Node.js excels in real time applications because of WebSockets. WebSockets are open 2-way communication channels between the client and the server. And this makes it really easy to build realtime applications like Games, Chat Engines, etc

Codebrahma: Node.js Development company

  1. We are expert in almost all popular Node JS development frameworks.
  2. We have provided development services in Express, Hapi, Sails for various companies.
  3. We have developed scalable Real time apps with Node JS.
  4. We have real experience with DBs like Mongo, Cassandra, Postgres etc.
  5. Being located in San Francisco, California USA you can get the best benefits of an on shore development services.
  6. Also we provide offshore development services based on Banglorem India.

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