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We creating high quality, robust, compliant software solutions for companies working in the Financial sector.
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We create software powered by the topnotch technologies. We have a lot of experience in building applications in Angular, Node, React, Rails, Android, iOS.
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Creating customized software solutions for the financial sector needs a partner who has a firm grasp on the intricacies of the financial world. Thanks to our years of experience in building software products for both Indian and as well as international financial companies, we know what it takes to make robust, solid and compliant financial software.

Our financial software experts ensure that our FinTech solutions meet the highest international standards. Our quest for quality makes us a preferred financial software solutions partner.


We Create Software Solutions For


Codebrahma develops custom software applications for P2P lending market

P2P Lending

Codebrahma develops custom software for microfinance institutions (MFIs).

Microfinance Institutions

Codebrahma develops custom software solutions for digital and mobile payments.

Digital & Mobile Payments

Codebrahma develops customized software applications for banking solutions.

Banking Applications


P2P Lending Platforms


Codebrahma develops custom software applications for P2P lending market

A P2P lending platform or Peer to Peer lending platform is an alternate to the traditional loan facility provided by banking and non-banking financial institutions. Enabled by technology, a P2P lending platform allows anyone to borrow or lend money through the platform.

The company running a P2P lending marketplace does not lend it’s own money. It merely acts as a facilitator – matching investors with borrowers. Due to lower overheads, a lending marketplace usually offers a higher return on investment.

If you’re looking to develop a P2P lending platform, we are your preferred software partners.

Case Study – Harmoney

We built a robust backend system for Harmoney – New Zealand’s first P2P lending platform. Using a custom application built on Ruby on Rails and Salesforce, we create a system that syncs all the data on Salesforce with their customer support team in real time. Full case study.


Microfinance Institutions (MFIs)


Codebrahma develops custom software applications for microfinance institutions

A microfinance institution (MFI) works towards providing financial solutions to the underserved. The focus is usually people living in rural areas & difficult terrains where traditional banking institutions are not present.

Though originally providing loan management facility to those that don’t have access to banks, Microfinance Institutions have expanded to providing retail banking solutions as well. This includes Savings, Insurance and Fund Transfer. We create customized software solutions to help Microfinance Institutions do what they do best – provide banking solutions to every individual.


Loan Management Software

If you’re running a business providing loans to those deprived of commercial banks, you need software solutions that grow with your business. We provide fully digitized, robust, end-to-end loan management and tracking systems that allow you to focus on your customers rather than worry about your systems working.

Retail Banking Software

Working towards providing banking solutions for rural areas? We develop elegant software solutions that can take care of all the processes, ranging from user management to portfolio tracking, credit scores and fund transfer for your customers. Increased efficiency, with software that scales with your business.


Case Study – Bill Discounting Software For A Leading NBFI in India



We developed a custom bill discounting application that accepts the invoices electronically for discounting and disbursement. This was for a leading Non Banking Financial Institute. The application’s online interface is exposed to the customer to upload the invoice details. In addition there’s an API to retrieve the information directly from ERP system of the invoice generator.

Once the invoice is uploaded on the website, it goes through a defined set of states and is finally accepted for discounting. The loan details are synced with the loan management system and is be available to the customer for viewing and making repayments.


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Digital & Mobile Payments


Codebrahma develops custom software applications for microfinance institutions

Digital payments have been the epicenter of Fintech innovation. Payment gateways, mobile wallets and PoS systems have changed the way people transact globally.

The most fundamental of financial activities, digital payments has been a big enabler in the expansion and acceptance of other sectors – e-commerce and m-commerce being the most prominent. While there a lot of plug and play solutions available, Codebrahma specializes in creating custom digital payment solutions for clients.

Case Study – Juspay

Juspay is a high performance Payment Gateway booster that makes the online payment process much faster. It is used by some of the biggest Indian startups.

We created the developer dashboard (using ReactJS) and analytics engine (using NodeJS) for Juspay.

Full case study.


Banking Applications


Codebrahma develops custom software applications for microfinance institutions

Technology is changing how account holders interact with their banks. Online access to manage accounts without visiting bank branches to how banks maintain their ledgers and processes – every part of banking has been touched by the Fintech revolution.

Codebrahma is your preferred technology partner for everything related to banking institutions. Whether you’re looking to revamp your mobile app or create a portal for your clients to manage their investment, we are you goto technology guys. We create secure, compliant, custom softwares for banking institutions that change the way banks and clients interact.


Retail Banking

In this era of high competition, not only from other banks but also an emerging class of FinTech and alternate financing institutions, banks need to keep up with the fast changing technology scenario. We create cutting edge software solutions for retail banks. Mobile apps for banks, chatbots for banks and Cryptocurrencies are our forte.

Corporate Banking

A increasing majority of corporate houses are dissatisfied with corporate banking solutions currently in the market. Banks find it challenging to keep a single point of view for the clients and data flows vary across processes. We can help banks design elegant solutions to make the corporate banking more user friendly.

Wealth Management

Personal wealth management solutions are one of the most popular segments of the Fintech industry. Apps and software that can help people better manage their money are gaining popularity. We can help banks and NBFIs with innovative solutions to better design and implement wealth management portals for their clients.


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