How we develop React applications

We use a set of UI components which are engineered for 70% of any requirement

These components automates

  • Out of box UI / UX
  • Form Integration
  • Handling Validations
  • Form submission

Our integration library provides unified API consisting of

50 +

UI Components
Library includes more than 50 + UI components handpicked from popular libraries

3 +

UI Libraries
Pre Configured with popular UI libraries
  • Material UI
  • Semantic UI
  • BootStrap UI


Form Libraries
Pre Configured with popular Form Libraries
  • Redux-Form
  • Formik-React
  • Formsy-React

Why would we do this ?


Reduced Development Time

These bootstrapped components helps us reduce the development time by 40%

Plug and Play


Easily configurable for any project depending upon the requirement



Provides 70% of the functionality out of the box

Why would we build a library which will automate building forms ?
Any front application consists of 40-70% of forms. Forms as such requires custom functionalities and validations. If we automate this process, applictation development becomes easy.
How to handle form submission and validation while using React JS?
React does not provide out of the box solutions for handling form submissions and validations. We need to use other libraries in order to completely automate it.
So what exactly is the problem ?
With numerous libraries out there as open source, it is difficult to change form automating libraries from project to project depending on the requirement.
So how did we solve them?
We brought everything under common API. So repesents a simple text box which can be binded with any form binding library. Along by integrating it with a UI library we just need to mention which UI library and which form library we use. Everything else will be taken care by this automation.

What is all this ?

A lightweight library handling integrations between various libraries

Write your code in same way throughout your codebase.

Built based on popular React Libraries


Don't change your code.
  • Choose any UI library under common API
  • Functionally similar components are abstracted

How it works for our clients ?

Reduced Development Time

These bootstrapped components helps us reduce the development time by 40%

Reduced Development Cost

Reduces Development cost by 40%

Bug Free development

A well tested library resulting in bug free application

Popular UI library

This library integrates major UI libraries

Light Weight Integrations

Lightweight integrations resulting in faster application

Implement Once

Implement once and reuse it everywhere. Easy to understand

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