How we develop React applications
What benefits by using these components ?
  • Out of box UI / UX
  • Automated Form Submission and styling
  • Automated Form Validation and error handling
More than 50+ UI components
Handpick the best UI component
Get Out of Box UI / UX
Minimal rewrite if required
Well Tested functionalities
Automated Form submissions
Core functionalities are wrapped
Style your form at one place
Minimal rewrite if required
Utilizing the best libraries available
Validate using a simple word
Handle Errors in a common place
Mention Error Display once
Minimal rewrite if required
Validate literally any field
See In acion
How to create this form ?
How to add styling ?
How to add validations ?
Look at the source code
Why would we do this ?
React doesn't provide out of the box solutions for handling forms
Handling forms includes styling, validation, error handling and submission handling
For every single project developing from scratch is time consuming
Lot of libraries to choose from (UI libraries & Form libraries)
What components we have covered ?
50+ UI components are included
Around 20 varieties of components which we generally use in forms
Customizing the style and functionality is very simple
Includes popular libraries like Material UI, Semantic UI, Ant Design UI
What benefits you get as a prospective client ?
Before starting your work, you have all the components ready.
All we need to do is to configure as per your design.
This would reduce 30-40 % of your development time
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