Atom setup to improve reactJS development productivity

Whether you are a coder who specializes in ReactJS development services, AngularJS development services, or React native Development services this atom editor setup is sure to drastically improve your productivity.


This list is divided into two sections Utlities and ReactJS Development specific packages:



(1) Atom-transposee3

Atom’s alt+t (transpose) is like a string flip. Sublime’s would switch two selected strings one with another, which is a much more useful behavior.

(2) Case-keep-replace

With this package you can replace given string with another while preserving its original case.

(3) Change-case

A quick way to change the case of your current selection. From camelCase to snake_case etc.

(4) Copy-path

Copy a file path flexibly.

(5) Duplicate-line-or-selection

It duplicates the selection if there is one, otherwise, duplicates the line.

(6) Editorconfig

It helps developers maintain consistent coding styles between different editors

(7) Git-plus

It makes commits and other git things without the terminal

(8) Highlight-selected

Just double click on a word to highlight it throughout the open file.

(9) Local-history

It is a package for maintaining local history of files .

(10) Project-manager

It helps you get easy access to all your projects and manage them with project specific settings and options.

Related provides a quick way to access files that are “related” to the file currently opened. For example, switching between .js and .spec.js files.

(12) Set-syntax

It will creates easy Command Palette entries for setting the syntax of the current file.

(13) Sort-lines

It will sort and remove duplicated lines.

(14) Tab-foldername-index

The plugin replaces tab’s title if the index is opene.* file for more readability

(15) Sync-settings

It will synchronize settings,user styles,keymaps, snippets, init script and installed packages across Atom instances. I back up all my settings to Gist and sync between work/personal computers.

(16) Toggle-quotes

Toggle a single-quoted string to a double-quoted string (and ticks ` in JS!)

HTML/CSS/JS/React Specific Packages:

These packages are specific for ReactJS development , HTML, and CSS. image

(1) Atom-ternjs

JavaScript code intelligence for atom with Tern. Adds support for ES5, ES6, ES7, Node.js, jQuery, Angular and more. Extendable via plugins. Uses suggestion provider by autocomplete-plus.

(2) Atom-wrap-in-tag

It wraps tags around a selection

(3) Autoclose-html

It will automatically add closing tags when opening tag is completed.

(4) Autocomplete-modules

With this package autocomplete for require and import statements.

(6) Docblockr

Helps write documentation faster.

(7) Emmet

A plugin which will greatly improves your HTML & CSS workflow and help your ReactJS development projects.

(8) es6-javascript

A collection of commands and ES6 focused snippets for optimizing modern Javascript development productivity.

(9) Pigments

A package to display colors in project and files.

(10) Linter-eslint

This linter plugin for Linter provides an interface to eslint. It can be used with files that have the “JavaScript” syntax.

(11) Tree-view-copy-relative-path

It allows you to copy relative path to file from tree view.

(12) Lodash-snippets

Some snippets to quickly use Lo-Dash Library in Atom.

(13) Language-babel

JavaScript ES201x, React JSX, Flow and GraphQL Grammar. Babel Transpiler

(14) React-es7-snippets

React ES7 snippets for atom

(15) Atom-jest-snippets

Snippets for Jest testing framework

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