9 Best NodeJS Frameworks for Developers

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment built on Chrome's V8 javascript engine. It is used to build fast, scalable server-side web applications. The event-driven, non-blocking I/O model makes Node.js lightweight and efficient. These features have motivated a lot of developers to adopt Node.js. Today, let us see the list of 9 best Node.js frameworks for developers.



Hapi is a powerful and robust framework that is used for developing APIs. It was first introduced by Eran Hammer 2011 at Walmart while trying to handle the traffic on black Friday. The well-developed plugin system and various key features such as input validation, configuration-based functionality, implement caching, error handling, logging and more makes the Hapi one of the most preferred frameworks. It is used for building useful applications and providing technology solutions by several large-scale websites such as PayPal, Disney.


Express.js was built by TJ Holowaychuk, one of the members of core Node project team. A large community backs this framework, therefore it has the advantage of continuous updates and reforms of all the core features. This is a minimalist framework that is used to build a number of mobile applications and APIs.

It is used for building real time web applications. Its a Javascript library that allows the bidirectional data flow between the web client and server. Asynchronous data I/O, binary streaming, instant messaging are some of the most important features of this framework.


Introduced in 2013, this futuristic framework is used to make the process of writing web applications and REST apis more enjoyable. It is basically an expressive middleware for Node.js that uses generators. The limited use of callbacks makes the generators a more effective methodology of error mitigation.


One of the most used frameworks in the Node.js world. Backed by a huge community of developers, tutorials, custom packages and documentation, this framework is used to create some great web and mobile applications for only Javascript only.


Lad is a full blown koa based api framework. Build by Nick Baugh, Express Technical Committee Member and Core Member of the Koa team, this framework has support for auth, mailers and many more. It sticks to MVC, KISS, DRY, YAGNI and Twelve Factor patters. If you are bootstrapper aiming to be ramen profitable. This is a good framework to consider!


This is an MVC framework that is used for creating real-time mobile and web applications. Derby's Racer, a real-time data synchronization engine for Node.js allows multi-site, real-time concurrency and data synchronization across clients and servers. The racer optimizes conflict resolution and allows real time editing of the application by leveraging the ShareJS.


This is yet another MVC framework that has become very popular with Node.js developers. The framework has gained traction through the development of chat applications, dashboards and multi player games. It is most famous for building data-driven APIs. It uses waterline for object related mapping and db solutions. This framework uses Express.js for handling HTTP requests and is built upon Node.js. Its compatibility with Grunt modules, including LESS, SASS, Stylus, CoffeeScript, Jade, Dust makes Sails.js an ideal candidate for browser based applications.


Total.js is a modern and modular Node.js supporting the MVC architecture. Angular.js, Polymer, Backbone.js, Bootstrap and more client-side frameworks are fully compatible with this framework. This framework is totally extensible and asynchronous. The fact that it does not require any tools such as Grunt to compress makes it easy to use. It also has NoSql embedded in it and supports array and other prototypes.


The internet age is the time of rapid changes and development. Every day the applications that are developed are becoming more advanced. Each and every framework on this list have different features and are suitable for different kind of applications. Node.js is influencing the development of advanced applications and this list gives you the comprehensive list of the most popular frameworks that are used by developers.

Do you think any other framework needs to be added to the list? Go ahead and add them to the comments and we can discuss.

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