7 Reasons Why React Native is the Future

With the world of mobile, mainly split into two operating systems, developing apps that run for both the operating systems is a tedious process. So Facebook has launched React Native, a platform that helps developers reuse the code that was developed for either Android or IOS on the other platform as well without having to start coding apps right from scratch.

Let's look at some reasons that point towards React Native taking the centre stage in the future.

  1. Covers major mobile Operating Systems

React native has the major drawback covered i.e. developing apps for two different platforms without have to start coding right from beginning. It allows developers to use the same code for developing apps on other platforms as well.

  1. Can reuse code that is already written

This is the most remarkable feature of react native, as it can save developers a lot of time and efforts. Reusing a code can help developers focus more on providing its users with better user interface and new applications.

  1. Efficiency

React is known to be effective in providing agility, speed and an overall good user experience. It uses the ReactJS framework to provide native experience to its users.

  1. It is compatible with third party plugins

With React Native, you can integrate third party apps in your app. It means, you can use the functionality of other native apps of the device in react native and vice versa.

  1. Easy to use

The level of difficulty with ReactJS is much less when compared to other options available. If you are good at javascript then learning to code with React Native is an easy task.

  1. Popular Javascript Framework among programmers

It uses ReactJS framework, a framework that was developed by facebook in 2013 and by now is already famous among developers. Its ease of learning and popularity makes Native a hope for the future of app development

  1. Focused on User interface

React Native is more focused on user interface unlike AngularJs and MeteroJS. It gives users a highly responsive interface with the help of asynchronous Javascript interactions between React Native and the Native environment of the device. This inturn increases the app's load time and keeps it running smoothly without interruptions.

So you can get started with using React Native as your platform for app development and create your first app for both Android and IOS devices with ease. The tutorials for it are made available on facebook's react native page on Github.

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Written by
Raviraj Hegde
Published at
Mar 28, 2016
Posted in
Research and Articles
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