A social-professional ecosystem for modern networking

Founded in August 2015, Yuemey (its name comes from the Japanese word for “dream”) is a professional networking platform that focusses on visual over content. The product was launched at Tech Crunch Disrupt. Founded by Cary Weir Lytle and Tejas Bodiwala, Yuemey moves users away from traditional career networking sites and long winded resumes and towards more creative networking.

Yuemey offers a more modern user profile with a dream board of hashtags that candidates can identify with, along with personal photos that offer a visual, holistic view into of a candidate. The app also includes social features like group, chat, file sharing and discussion feeds.



geo-location enabled iOS app developed by Codebrahma

Geo-Location Enabled Groups

Group features include trending groups, group chat, convo threads, member mentions, live member display, member roles, search and more! Users can create, and access groups and events based on location and interest, and communicate (anywhere, anytime).



Networking Powered By A.I.

We leveraged A.I. to create advanced and automated processes for collaborating, networking, referrals, and hiring. The app will also be able to suggest contacts, events and companies based on location and interest.

iOS app powered by A.I. developed by Codebrahma



geo-location enabled iOS app developed by Codebrahma

Media Heavy Content Delivered With Ease

Yuemey’s USP is the rich media driven content. Users create visual profiles where in they upload their video intros, dreamboards, inspiration etc. Users can also share videos, images and text on their profile.

Ensuring that the media heavy content delivery does not make the app sluggish, we designed an intricate system using a CDN and fast rendering. No matter how heavy the media file – it’ll not make the app slow!

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