Shopper engagement platform for online merchants built on Node.js

Real time shopper engagement platform

Codebrahma helped whalelogix create a service that helps ecommerce sites in converting their wish lists.


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Vishy Venugopalan
Co Founder,

Whalelogix is a real-time shopper engagement platform for online merchants to convert visitors into buyers. Identifying shoppers who need a nudge to buy and serve live on-site interactions.

The vision of Whalelogix is to use data to analyse consumer behaviour in ecommerce sites and come up with promotions that will convert the wishlists of the consumers

Challenges Faced: 

  • Getting the user behaviour data in realtime from ecommerce sites.
  • Storing and logging realtime data at a large scale
  • Interpreting event data to make logical sense and coming up with offers

Our Solution

  • Realtime was a major part of this architecture. We had to get event data in realtime and show the offers. We could only achieve this with a realtime NodeJS evented server.
  • We used socket.io for the realtime requirement and wrote a simple and secure event logger that logs the User Interactions on the e-commerce store.
  • Through the Socket the Node Server logs the events in the DB
  • We used map reduce to make sense out of this data and create actionable points
  • We used a Rules Engine to create promotions from the information gathered

What our Customer say about us

Technologies Used:

  • NodeJS, R Language


  • A RealTime script that can be dropped into any ecommerce portal that would help in conversions and sales
  • Highly maintainable and scalable server side NodeJS implementation
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