Know How Shopper

Analytics for brick and mortar store shopping carts.


The digital age is driven by data gathering and analytics. In-store analytics can help traditional retail operations understand consumer needs, improve employee efficiency, reduce manpower cost, drive sales growth, and better appeal to customers. KHS is the “solution” to all your worries when it comes to analysing store movements. Not only does it give actionable insights, but also allows you to AB test your hypothesis by doing some basic regression analysis from sales data.

KHS framework allows you to generate heat maps, dwell maps which are customized by dates. It also allows you to upload custom layouts and mark “areas of interest” for analysis. Thus, one can validate hypotheses and arrive at an optimal layout plan for the store. It also helps in optimal product placement.

Have you ever wondered what insights can a shopping cart give on how your customers are moving?

The data that is of interest to any retailer would comprise the following:

  • Footfall- How many customers have traversed a particular zone in the store layout
  • Dwell- How many minutes cumulatively were the customers engrossed in that particular zone in the layout.
  • Frequent paths- How do they traverse in your store? Are two connected items which have the propensity to cross sell being placed separately?
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