Single Page App built on AngularJS

Elegant Curated Marketplace for Affiliates

Codebrahma helped Hipstart create elegant online curated marketplace with easy to use admin dashboard.


The Need

There are a lot of products available on an e-commerce marketplace like Amazon and Flipkart. Amazom.com has around 500 million products listed, while Amazon India lists around 50 million products. Imagine having to go through all the products to find something that you might want to buy (probably not out of necessity but a ‘good-to-have’). This is where curated marketplaces come to rescue. These are e-comm platforms, specializing in a certain niche. So, if you’re looking for ‘Birthday Gifts for Mum’, you’d be better off browsing a curated marketplace than a general e-comm marketplace like Amazon.



When the client approached us with the problem, we realized that Hipstart needed to be an extremely light and visually appealing product. We decided on Ruby on RailsĀ as the server side language with MySQL as the database. The frontend was built on AngularJS and we hosted the application on AWS.


The End Product

The end product is something we’re specially proud of. The system works beautifully with pixel perfect design implementation.




Clean and minimalistic UI

The UI was a big focus for the client. We had to make sure that the designs were minimal yet visually appealing. Using the Angular JS framework, we were able to make sure that the UI was pixel perfect.


Categories and Brands

Users of Hipstart can easily classify their products in Categories and brands, thereby making it easier for buyers to find something. Users will also be able to tag products as ‘Gift’ facilitating search for gifts.




Social Factor Built-in

Shopping is primarily a social activity. Traditionally platforms have been relying on reviews and comments for validating a product. We went one step ahead and implement a social angle to reviews, so interested buyers can actually see who all amongst their circle have bought or liked a certain product. This is an optional feature to maintain user privacy.

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